Role-Playing has gone to the worms.

UnderEarth is a brand new way to Role-Play, without you having to go and buy new dice. The entire world will be right here, on-line, without you having to purchase extra software or pay a monthly fee. Each Race actually will have its own game and interface, and future races will be introduced in the future if all goes well. Even though they seem seperated, players will be able to interact with the other races within the game, and form trade routes between the settlements. UnderEarth as a whole is its own living entity, and the survival and setting depends on those who play the game.
Fuddles are a peaceful race, and one of the smallest of the underground races physically. FuddleThey are faries that specialize in the magic arts, and almost every citizen learns at least one spell through their lifetime. Magical items are their major trade, and they have a greater variety of such items than any other race.
Lessons of the Drow
Drow is another name for Dark Elves. These elves have forsaken the world of light above, for the great cities they create below, expanding on the beauty that is already found in the underground caverns. While strong in natural magical abilities, their true skill is in warfare. The Drow hone their skills by fighting with each other in a game of houses, where plotting behind your foe's back is required, but getting caught in the deed can mean some severe consequences.
The Goblin Mind
Goblins, by their very nature, are usually ruled by fear and doubt and the fact that the only safety is in numbers. These goblins have done their best to focus on that last aspect, and learned how to work in a team under any situation. It is this perseverance which keeps the goblins in UnderEarth on equal footing with the other races which share the realm.

Secret Area
UnderEarth is owned by Scribe Designs, and run by contributors around the world.